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How to do a festive, full-body pumpkin workout

October 25, 2017 - 8:41 am

(NEW YORK) -- A festive fall exercise fad that uses pumpkins as props to help you get toned in time for Halloween has taken social media by storm this year.

Josey Greenwell, a trainer at Barry's Bootcamp, demonstrated four simple moves live on "Good Morning America" that can help get your body in shape and make you feel less guilty about indulging in Halloween candy.

To get into the Halloween spirit, Greenwell replaced a traditional medicine ball with a pumpkin while doing this full body workout.

While the size and weight of your pumpkin can vary based on your individual skill levels, Greenwell emphasized that you should be sure to exercise with a new, fresh, pumpkin instead of one that has been sitting around for a few weeks and may become soft or get crushed under your weight.

When pumpkins are no longer in season, feel free to swap out the fall produce for a medicine ball instead to burn off the Halloween treats.

Here is Greenwell's full-body pumpkin workout:

1. Pumpkin push-up

This push-up move strengthens the abs, chest, arms and shoulder muscles, according to Greenwell.

2. Jack-O'-lantern swing
Use this swing move to strengthen the core, back and shoulder muscles.

3. Squash squat

Greenwell recommends squatting to help strengthen your hip and thigh muscles.

4. Pumpkin seated Russian twist
This festive Russian twist helps tone your oblique muscles.

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