Jimmy Kimmel on returning to Brooklyn: "People are more social...they'll tell you you look stupid at the drop of the hat"

October 16, 2017 - 10:00 am

(NEW YORK) -- Jimmy Kimmel is headed east. Jimmy Kimmel Live! will broadcast all week from the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York starting Monday. For Kimmel it's a homecoming -- he spent his earliest years in the New York City borough. And the long-time Angeleno says he still feels at home back East.

"People are so on top of each other here...I think for the good and the bad and people are more social," Kimmel tells ABC Radio. "They will tell you that you look stupid at the drop of the hat, and they will also invite you into their home to eat at the drop of a hat and so I'm very comfortable here."

Kimmel has made national headlines this year becoming engaged in the debate over health care legislation. He says that not only his engagement in the issue, but everyone's, is a lesson to learn from.

"It's all too easy to sit on your hands and complain and...feel like posting something on Facebook is enough," he says. "It's not enough. You have to pick up the phone, or write a letter, or write an email and let people know. and I really feel like it does make a difference."

Speaking of making a difference, one topic sure to follow Kimmel from Los Angeles to Brooklyn is the charges of sexual misconduct against deposed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. So does the transplanted New Yorker it will change how Hollywood does business?

"I hope it does change something," Kimmel says. "I think it has probably changed his mind set a bit and, so that's something. As far as whether it will have a broad impact, I have no idea."

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknight on ABC beginning at 11:35 p.m. ET.

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