John O’Hurley reveals how Trump inspired new role and why he goes to "DWTS" every year

October 23, 2017 - 12:00 pm

(NEW YORK) -- From J. Peterman on Seinfeld to one of the original contestants on Dancing with the Stars, John O’Hurley has been a likable presence on our TV screens for years. Now, he’s playing the antagonist in the new film Swing Away.

O’Hurley plays Glenn Henderson, a ruthless land developer and golf course owner. He says he based the character partly on -- of all people -- Donald Trump, in his pre-White House days.

“As I was going back through my catalog of A-type personalities who go to other cultures and develop golf courses, the one that stands out is Donald Trump,” he tells ABC Radio. “And that was back when he was Donald Trump the businessman, not Donald Trump as our president.”

So does he think Trump will be tweeting about the portrayal?

“I’m kinda hoping he has more important things to do than be shadowing me and how I’ve paralleled his life in this movie,” he laughs.

He adds, “But it’s a lot of fun and it has that wonderful strong dominant male personality to it, in contrast to what is a beautiful family film.”

Swing Away, also starring Shannon Elizabeth, is available on OnDemand and VOD platforms now.

Meanwhile, O’Hurley is ready to make a trip back to Dancing with the Stars. He explains why he makes it a point to go back each season.

“I auction off the two seats that are next to me [for charity],” he says. “To date I have raised probably close to half a million dollars just by bringing two people to the show.”

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