Kelly Ripa's ready to celebrate Halloween with Ryan Seacrest: "He is so meant for this"

October 30, 2017 - 2:00 pm

(NEW YORK) -- ABC's Live with Kelly and Ryan will stage a Halloween spectacular on Tuesday, with hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest sporting 44 different costumes. It's the first year that Ryan's been part of Live'sHalloween blowout, but Kelly says he was definitely up for the challenge.

"He has far exceeded our wildest expectations," Kelly tells ABC Radio. "He is so good and so meant for this."  And, she adds, "He makes a beautiful woman. A lot of times when there’s a handsome guy, he won’t look right as a woman but Ryan does. He looks pretty."

Many of the duo's costumes are inspired by pop culture obsessions like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things -- but as Kelly explains, they're adding a twist.

"So, one of the costumes is The Handmaid’s Tale...but...we blend another pop culture moment with the Handmaids," she explains. "We don’t just do a Game of Thrones spoof.  We do something with theGame of Thrones that turns it on its head a little bit."

The Live! audience is invited to come in costume too, and Kelly says they really get into it.

"Our audience never ceases to amaze me," says Kelly. "These people that make their costumes and come to our show start, usually, the year before...and when I say they are elaborate, I’m not kidding!"

The only downside, Kelly says, is the fact that Halloween is on a Tuesday.

"When Ryan and I are president of the United States, we will make a motion for a bill...that will make sure that Halloween only happens on the last Friday or Saturday of October," she insists. "Which makes sense to everybody who has children!"

Tune into Live with Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday, October 31 to watch all the fun.

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