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'A lot more' senators will speak out against Trump, Sen. Jeff Flake says

October 25, 2017 - 6:55 am

(WASHINGTON) -- Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said he "can't continue with this kind of politics" in explaining his surprise announcement Tuesday that he will not seek re-election in 2018.

"I just can’t continue with this kind of politics," the junior Arizona senator said on Good Morning America Wednesday. "I couldn’t go on and run the kind of campaign that I wanted to run and win in this kind of Republican Party."

Flake chose not to support Trump, his party's candidate for president, in the 2016 election and was critical of Trump in his book "Conscience of a Conservative," which was published in August.

Flake said Tuesday he would retire from the Senate when his term is up in 2019, but also used his announcement to deliver an impassioned speech against President Trump.

Flake delivered his speech on the Senate floor, saying he would not be "complicit or silent" in regard to the president and his behavior. It came after Sen. Bob Corker, another Republican who's retiring, called the president "utterly untruthful" and accused Trump of "debasing" the United States.

"A lot of my colleagues have spoken out and I think a lot more will," Flake said on GMA.

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