"Scandal" recap: "Lost Girls"

October 27, 2017 - 8:00 am

(LOS ANGELES) -- On the Scandal episode "Lost Girls," Fitz confronts Olivia in the hallway of her apartment to ask her for help with a missing girls case. 

Liv is annoyed that Fitz is back, and tells Fitz to ask Mellie. However, Mellie is preoccupied with peace treaty talks between President Rashad from Bashran and a rival country.

Marcus enlists Quinn and Associates to help with the missing girls case, while Liv asks Jack to investigate why Fitz really is back in town.

Meanwhile, Eli Pope and Fitz are discussing how to get Liv away from Command. Eli tells Fitz the only way to control her is to make her fall in love with him again.

Back at the White House, Marcus visits Mellie, but gets stopped by Olivia. Liv inquires about Fitz and finds out from Marcus that he misses her. This prompts her to start caring about Fitz's missing girls project and she decides to help his awareness campaign. 

Mellie isn’t having any luck with the treaty talks since Rashad’s rival, Ambassador Marashi, refuses to get on board. Liv thinks Mellie is becoming too attached to Rashad and accuses her of having feelings for him. 

Mellie later admits to Cyrus she has feeling for President Rashad, but says she feels guilty because she'll be acting like the presidents before her.

Liv shows up to her father's dinosaur lab to check in. While there, Eli tells Liv she cannot let Fitz in her life if she's going to be over Command. Eli tells her all she has is him, and there won't be time for anyone else.

During a dinner with Ambassador Marashi and Rashad, Mellie comes clean about her and Rashad’s previous negotiation. With the cards now on the table, Mashari is ready to agree upon the terms, but their peace talks are interrupted. They soon learn that Rashad’s country had a coup – and he is no longer in power.

Liv and Mellie, upset that the talks were interrupted, argue because Liv wants to send Rashad back to the country that he's just been ousted from the leadership of. However, Mellie wants to send troops to restore Rahad to power. Liv says she’ll consider it and leaves.

While the coup in Bashran is taking over the news cycle, Fitz shows up at Liv’s place to ask her to redirect the focus on the girls. But, while there, he admits he's really there to win her back. They embrace and more.

The next day, Liv meets with Mellie and agrees to send troops to restore President Rashad to power. Liv also presents another plan to Mellie, which we learn is a new division to help missing girls of color.

During this time, the missing child is found.

In the final moments, Jake tells Liv that Fitz has been talking to her father all along. Liv, upset, confronts her father and tells him to “sit down."

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