Seth Meyers slams "culture of systemic misogyny and male entitlement"

October 13, 2017 - 5:00 am

Late Night host Seth Meyers, who has been the most aggressive of the late night hosts in addressing the ongoing scandal surrounding Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, upped his attack in Thursday's "A Closer Look" segment, criticizing the "systemic misogyny and male entitlement" in society.

“There is no doubt that this horrifying story reveals yet again a culture of systemic misogyny that exists at the highest levels of society," argued Meyers. "This should not be a partisan issue, it requires all of us to speak out and ask ourselves what we can do to address it.”

Meyers insisted that it's time for men to to take a stand on the issue, saying, “Women should not be held accountable for the predatory behavior of men," he said. "This is a problem. Men need to speak up and address their complicity in the system that allows this to happen.”

Meyers also slammed Weinstein's former adviser Lisa Bloom for defending him as being "an old dinosaur learning new ways."

"Dinosaurs don't learn new ways, they go extinct," Meyers noted. "They didn't survive because they learned to type. If you're a dinosaur, then this is your Ice Age, buddy, and unlike real dinosaurs, no one is ever going to try and bring back Harvey Weinstein."

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