"Thank You for Your Service" director wants to make plight of returning vets "personal again"

October 27, 2017 - 2:00 pm

(NEW YORK) -- Miles Teller stars as Sergeant Adam Schumann in the new movie Thank You for Your Service, which opens this weekend.  Based on true events, the movie look sat the lives of several servicemen coming home from the Iraq war, grappling with issues such as PTSD and the complex subject of getting help after returning home from active duty.

Director Jason Hall says it's time for the American public to think about returning soldiers in a personal way.

"For a long time we welcomed them back and then Vietnam came and they weren't so welcomed home," Hall tells ABC Radio. "Now we have a war where we are welcoming guys home that are forgotten.  Afghanistan's been forgotten, Iraq has been forgotten and it's unfortunate.  But as artists and authors and journalist we have to find a way to make it personal again."

Whether or not the movie will help the general public understand the plight of returning vets, one of the movie's subjects -- Sgt. Schumann -- says it helped him better understand himself.

"You look at your life and you don't really have a good perspective and then to see it on film, you get some perspective," Schumann tells ABC Radio. "I can see where I was and I can see where I'm at now, and I've gained some ground and it feels pretty good."

Schumann says he hopes the movie will help people better understand some of the challenges vets face that they may have misconceptions about, like post-traumatic distress disorder, which he says isn't just an issue for soldiers, but for everyone who suffers the linger effects of traumas.

Schumann says PTSD sufferers aren't "loose cannons or powder kegs."  He says, "They are just people that are internally struggling to get back to who they were."

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