"The Walking Dead" recap: "The Damned"

October 30, 2017 - 8:00 am

(NEW YORK) -- (SPOILERS AHEAD) Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead kicked off moments after the action-packed premiere left off.

As the battle plan involving Alexandrians, Kingdommers and Hilltoppers unfolds, we see members of three of Rick's units: Ezekiel and Carol and company, Tara and Jesus and their squad, and Rick and Daryl.

In the meantime, at one of Negan's outposts, a serious woman named Mara calls for security to lock things down -- but it's too late. Another of Rick's militia units attacks: their up-armored trucks roll up, and Aaron and the other members fire from slits cut in the metal panels.

Elsewhere, Tara, Jesus, and Morgan size up the satellite outpost from without, hoping to enter silently. "If someone fires a gun, we don't get in," Jesus warns.

Meanwhile, Carol, Ezekiel, Jerry, and the other Kingdom members are dazed from a grenade tossed in the previous episode by one of Negan's men. They realize he could warn the others, so after dispatching some walkers, they start stalking him.

At another Savior facility, Rick and Daryl drop a pair of sentries and scramble inside a building, looking for a weapons cache using a hand-drawn map Dwight gave them.

At the fence to the satellite outpost, Morgan literally rattles the cage, sending walkers to the fence to distract the guards. As they approach, they're shot in the head, silently, with arrows. The sentries clear, the rest of the militia quietly files into the satellite outpost, dispatching Negan's men quietly as they go.

Meanwhile, at the satellite outpost, Morgan gives the signal, and two of his men breach a room.  However, they're met with men loaded for bear, who open fire, dropping all three -- including Morgan.

Elsewhere in the satellite complex, Tara and Jesus come across a guy named Dean, who surrenders, insisting he's a prisoner; he's peed his pants, apparent proof. Dean bargains for his life. Tara wants to kill him, but Jesus pleads mercy. It's a bad move. A shot rings out, and Dean takes Jesus hostage; it was all an act, even the pants peeing.

Tara refuses to drop her gun; Dean tries to shoot Tara instead, and Jesus gets the better of Dean, knocking him down and drawing on him. Jesus refuses to kill him, but Tara now definitely wants to. "This isn't about him," Jesus insists, and ties Dean up; Tara protests.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the building, Morgan has been playing possum. He opens his eyes when the coast is clear, and arms himself with weapons from his fallen comrades.

At the other building, Aaron and the others continue their assault, when it dawns, too late, on Negan's soldier Mara, what the heroes' plan is: Negan's dead, killed in the shootout, spring back to life as walkers; now they're behind enemy lines and turn on their former comrades. A brand-new walker chomps on her neck.

Carol, Ezekiel and the other Kingdom members stalk their grenade-lobbing quarry through the woods, hoping to catch him before he can tip off the others. They find blood, knowing he's injured. Ezekiel dispatches some men to gather their friends and his tiger, Shiva, and meet with them later. He also confides in Carol  about his "supreme confidence," which bolsters his people. "Fake it till you make it, baby!" he smiles, momentarily dropping his usual regal affectation. 

Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl can't find the guns they're looking for, and Daryl starts doubting Dwight's intel.Rick is stalking through the rooms when he's surprised by one of Negan's guys. It goes hand-to-hand. Rick strangles him before ultimately running him through with a hook on the wall.

Back at the satellite facility, Morgan is a one-man army, slaying every Savior he finds.  Elsewhere there, Tara, Jesus and their gang encircle Negan's men, with Jesus forcing them to surrender. Tara isn't having it. Morgan makes his way out, only to run into his comrades holding the baddies at bay. He insists they need to kill them all, remembering Rick's words to him. However, he relents, too.

Rick, meanwhile, searching the body of the man he just killed, finds a tattoo reading "Grace Be God." To Rick's shock, he learns what that means: he opens the door to find baby in her crib, the wall reading "Gracie." Rick is horrified, catching a glimpse of his bloodied face through the baby's dainty mobile.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel and company find a clearing, and spot the wounded Savior. "Save your munitions, Carol," he advises -- "our friends have arrived."

And with that, they watch Shiva pounce on the man they'd been stalking.

At the other compound, Aaron jumps in a car and rams some Saviors to save his boyfriend Eric, who was pinned down. However, he finds he's been gut shot.

In the woods, Ezekiel remains undeterred, even when his gang learn that the compound they're approaching knows they're coming.

Elsewhere, Rick still wandering in the room when someone pulls a gun on him. It's Morales -- who was part of Rick's posse for a spell back in season one. "That was a long time ago," Morales says.

"It's over, Rick. I called The Saviors back. And they're coming," he warns.

The episode ends with the click of a pistol hammer being pulled back.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, November 5 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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