Bluebird jet boat floats again, 51 years after fatal crash

August 04, 2018 - 10:31 am

LONDON (AP) — The famed jet boat Bluebird has returned to the water for the first time since a 1967 crash that killed pilot Donald Campbell during a world speed-record attempt.

Watched by Campbell's daughter Gina Campbell, the restored Bluebird was lowered Saturday into Loch Fad on Scotland's Isle of Bute, where it will undergo low-speed tests.

Campbell was trying to break his own 276.3 mph (445 kph) water-speed record on Jan. 4, 1967, when the jet-powered hydroplane vaulted into the air, flipped and crashed on Coniston Water in England's Lake District.

In March 2001, divers raised the Bluebird's wreckage from the 150-foot (45-meter) deep lake. Campbell's remains were found nearby. A team has been working since then to restore the vessel and hopes to return it to the Lake District next year.

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