Democrats gather to confront lingering 2016 frustration

August 21, 2018 - 11:31 pm

Democrats are bullish about their prospects in the November midterms and are peaking around the corner at a 2020 rematch with President Donald Trump. But first, they're confronting the lingering frustration from 2016.

The fight that year between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is front and center this week as Democrats gather in Chicago for a DNC meeting. They'll debate a proposal to limit the influence so-called superdelegates at the 2020 convention.

Sanders backers are pushing for such a move, arguing that superdelegates represent the party establishment. But party insiders are blasting the proposal as unnecessary three months before the midterms.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez predicts he'll secure the DNC majority required to change party rules when the full committee considers the matter Saturday.

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