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Big Ditch doing its job

May 23, 2019 - 8:02 pm

The Wichita-Valley Center Floodway, known by most as the Big Ditch, is flowing quite a bit higher than usual thanks to all of this weeks' rain. 

The Big Ditch was created so that, any time flood waters from rivers and excessive rain threaten the Wichita area, those waters will become diverted into the ditch instead. This construction has helped Wichita from major flooding on several occasions.

Jim Hardesty, the Interim Storm Water Division Manager with the City of Wichita says even with all the heavy rainfall, the Big Ditch is still far from capacity. It's only at about  8 feet right now and it's designed to hold close to 30 feet:

The city says crews are working around the clock cleaning inlets and also keeping an eye on river levees. 

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