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Burrton school dealing with aftermath of Kansas earthquake

August 17, 2019 - 8:27 pm

A Kansas school superintendent made the decision to evacuate her school after Friday's 4.2 earthquake, due to damage to the 100-year old building. 

Superintendent Joan Simoneau made the decision to evacuate after engineers came to the building and saw damage inside the ceiling. They determineded that there was more than just cosmetic damage to the school, and that it was no longer safe. She said that she wouldn't put her own children in the building and didn't want to put anyone else's in there, either. 

Students had to go to another part of the building that holds students from kindergarten to high school under one roof, and had lunch at their city building.   

Rick Miller, a senior scientists with the Kansas Geological Survey, says that the earthquake wasn't unusual for the area, but buildings from 100 years ago were not built to the same structural standard as buildings on the west coast. 

Simoneau said she does not know when they will be able to go back into the building, but for now other parts of it are being used.

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