City of Wichita to host social media town hall

June 26, 2019 - 4:40 am

The City of Wichita will host a social media town hall from 2 - 4 p.m., Wednesday, June 26 on the 9th floor in training room 1 at City Hall, 455 Main.

Questions will be fielded live from Facebook, Twitter and NextDoor. Members of City Council may be in attendance at various times throughout the two-hour window.

The online town hall is the second phase of engaging the public on the City’s 2020 budget priorities. Earlier this year, the City created an online budget simulator for residents to weigh in on how their tax dollars will be spent in the 2020 operating budget. The simulator was live from May 13 to June 15 and over 1,400 residents used the opportunity to share their thoughts.

Overall, 85% of residents who used the simulator agreed to increase their support of city services and the average increase was 4%. Fire and medical response was increased by 57% of the respondents. Facility maintenance and animal control were kept at the same level by 66% of the respondents.

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