Coming up with a master plan for downtown Wichita along the river

April 18, 2019 - 2:23 pm

In response to recent recommendations from Project Wichita and the Century II Citizens Advisory Committee, community organizations and their leadership are taking steps to create a master plan that connects projects and both banks of the Arkansas River. 

Calling it the Riverfront Legacy Master Plan, leaders of the community organizations said the plan will build on previous studies for the east side of the Arkansas River as well as new developments such as the ballpark on the west side. 

Leaders affirmed that the vision and plan will consider all elements together, including a performing arts center, convention center, Century II, the former library, pedestrian bridge and open riverfront gathering space, as well as connecting elements from Kellogg to Douglas, west bank development, downtown and area neighborhoods. 

“We have a once in every 100-year opportunity as a region,” said Greater Wichita Partnership Board Co-chair Jon Rolph. “The most important next step is to ensure all projects and decisions are carefully considered together to maximize our opportunities and community use for each element of this important area. Community interaction with our river is especially important.” 

The master planning process would begin by using information generated by previous studies that analyzed different elements as a starting point and then add information related to new projects including developments on the west side of the river.

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