COVID-19 impacts ENTERCOM Radio family in Wichita

September 15, 2020 - 8:13 pm

Greg Williams / Facebook

COVID-19 continues to affect the Wichita community, it has also affected the ENTERCOM Radio family as well.

Greg "The Hitman" Williams from Power 93.5 is now considered to be a COVID-19 survivor after spending the last couple of weeks in and out of the hospital after developing pneumonia due to the virus.

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Greg admits that it was touch and go for a while, but he got through with the support of his wife and family. "She said I'm not ready for you to go yet. Don't leave me," Williams said.

After returning from vacation he says he noticed symptoms and began to self-quarantine. But a COVID test came back positive and he was feeling completely fatigued. 

Greg says that he felt the experience was worse than he could have imagined, he encourages everyone to follow the guidelines and stay safe.

The Hitman is expected to be back to work and on the air next week.

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