Coyotes make for a nuisance in Wichita area

March 23, 2019 - 11:48 pm

A surveillance camera in Bel-Aire caught a coyote running across a man's yard while he was outside working. This has led the Urban Coyote Initiative to issue some helpful tips with regard to our woodland friends.  

The Urban Coyote Initiative says that coyote's pupping season continues through April. During this time of the year, coyotes are more active, trying to impress their potential mates. This can lead to more interactions between coyotes, people, and their pets.

During the coyote mating season, do not leave pet food out overnight. Your trash can or pet dishes might become an unintentional fast food restaurant for hungry critters.   Monitor your pets, as well.  Coyote versus pet rarely ends well for the pet.

Finally, if you're out walking or jogging, stay on trails and do not approach or try to feed a coyote you might see.  Also, remember that  coyotes only attack when they are nursing, protecting their young or feel threatened. 

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