Cruse says county commission need to "lighten things up"

January 16, 2019 - 11:50 am

Lacey Cruse took her seat on the Sedgwick County Commission Wednesday, and offered her vision for both herself and the commission as a whole.

Cruse, who replaced fourth district commissioner Richard Ranzau, thanked the voters who supported her.  She also said the this marks the beginning of a new day for the commission.

Cruse said," The first time I ever came into this commission meeting, you could cut the air with a knife.  And I just want to say that, while I respect the formality of what we do here, we can lighten things up a little bit."

Freshman commissioner Pete Meitzner, who replaced former first district Commissioner David Unruh, also took his seat on the board Wednesday.  Meitzner was elected chairman pro tem of the board. 

Third district commissioner David Dennis was re-elected as commission chairman by a unanimous vote.

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