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Derby wildlife rescue nursing animals back to health following storms

June 24, 2019 - 10:37 pm

Residents of Derby continue to clean up after straight line winds damaged many properties. Along with people, however, many animals' properties were damaged, too. 

Melissa Simmons is the owner of a Derby pet shop called Parrot House Exotics. When she lost power at her own home on Sunday morning, and the tornado siren after that, she went to her store to check on her birds. While there, she decided that she would put out a call on social media to bring her any wildlife that people found while they cleaned up trees: 

Since then, she has been nursing baby robins, starlings and finches back to health. Through hand-feeding and teaching the birds how to forage, Simmons is doing everything she can to get the birds healthy enough to return to the wild.

If you come across an animal you have to handle in storm cleanup, Simmons said to remember your safety first and handle with gloves or a towel. Simmons takes care to not touch the birds so they have better chances of survival.

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