Documents show federal prosecutor listened to Kansas attorney-client calls

October 15, 2018 - 6:31 pm

Documents show that a retired federal prosecutor listened to multiple recorded calls between a Kansas inmate and her attorney.

KCUR reports that Tanya Treadway was confronted last week during a hearing with her own handwritten notes containing details of phone conversations involving a Leavenworth inmate and the inmate's attorney, Melanie Morgan. Treadway offered various explanations, including that the calls weren't privileged.

The testimony contradicted her statement before the judge overseeing the inmate's drug case that Treadway hadn't listened to recorded attorney-client calls, other than to identify who was participating.

Morgan said Friday in a phone interview that listening to the calls gave Treadway an "unfair tactical advantage." Treadway couldn't be reached for comment.

Federal public defenders have filed a motion seeking to disclose the evidence "to the appropriate disciplinary authorities."

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