Advisory election to be held for downtown Wichita development plans

Rodney Price
August 18, 2020 - 10:45 am
A view of the skyline of Wichita, Kansas

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The Wichita City Council approved holding an election on the future of Century II and the Central Public Library.

The policy was crafted in response to a petition submitted to the city, which asked for a binding, public vote before any plans went forward. There is not a statutory basis for the city to call for a binding election, so it would simply be advisory in nature. 

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Council member Brandon Johnson reminded those listening that any plans for the riverfront won't happen without input from Wichitans.

"This is yet another policy that will guarantee again that people can have a vote. I know that that's a narrative out there but it's a false narrative. We've always supported a vote and we again today will show that we support a public vote," Johnson said.

The future date for an election is unknown but by state statute, it can't take place during a primary or general election. The election's price tag: $100 thousand.

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