Enforcing Wichita Laws for Fireworks

Fireworks go on sale next week on Wednesday

Ted Woodward
June 21, 2018 - 2:17 pm



Wichita has a new fireworks ordinance in place this year. Mayor Jeff Longwell says in the past, officials were reluctant to write tickets with fines of $2,500. He says under the new regulations, the fine has been greatly reduced to $250, and tickets will be issued to those in violation; no fireworks shooting in excess of six feet into the air are allowed inside the city limits.

Mayor Longwell said, "We will write $250 tickets, and we will enforce that. So there will be some people upset because they've received a $250 ticket for shooting illegal fireworks in the city of Wichita. You've been warned: do not do that, or you will get ticketed.

"Now in the past, we've had those tickets as high as $2,500 dollars, and I know firemen that have worked for the city for 30 years that have never written a $2,500 ticket; I'm not sure I would, either. So we've dropped that to $250."

Fire Chief Tammy Show says, "We will hire off-duty police officers and firefighters; we'll marry 'em up in unmarked cars, low-profile cars, and they will be the ones that will be doing the enforcement on July 3rd and 4th."

Fireworks go on sale and may be used in Wichita starting next week, on Wednesday.


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