Evening rally promotes legalization of medical marijuana

August 11, 2018 - 1:06 am

An evening rally was held in downtown Wichita Friday in support of legalizing the use of medical marijuana in Kansas.   

The rally was organized by a group called Bleeding Kansas Advocates. They work to provide education about medical cannabis and to gain its support for patients.

The rally was held to speak about the benefits of medical marijuana, one of which is the use of a more natural approach to medicine. 

Some political candidates also attended the rally, including Democratic Fourth Congressional candidate James Thompson and Independent Kansas gubernatorial candidate Greg Orman.

Bleeding Kansas says the rally also gave voters a chance to come out and learn more about candidates ahead of November's general election.

Bleeding Kansas says it doesn't endorse any candidate, but did want to give them the chance to share their ideas before voters head to the polls.

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