Fan drive: Wichita-area Westlake Ace Hardware stores

June 04, 2020 - 2:06 pm
box fans

Spike Mafford / Getty Images Plus

Westlake Ace Hardware stores throughout the Wichita area are gearing up to host their annual fan drive benefitting The Salvation Army. The fan drive will be held June 4-21.

During the fan drive, Westlake customers are asked to donate by rounding-up their purchase at the register. All donations go toward buying new box fans for the Wichita Salvation Army. Westlake will kick off the fan drive with a donation of 50 fans.

This is the 14th year Westlake will raise money for fans. Last year, customers in the Wichita-area donated more than $2,650, equating to 175 fans given to the local Salvation Army for distribution to fellow citizens.

“The Salvation Army Fan Drive gives our friends and neighbors a way to keep cool and comfortable this summer. Especially now, with so many people in need, it’s an honor to sponsor this program and positively impact lives. I encourage everyone, if they are able, to donate,” said Joe Jeffries, president and CEO of Westlake Ace Hardware.

“With so many Americans facing unexpected hardship this year, we must work together more than ever before to face challenges like summer heat,” said Dale Bannon, The Salvation Army Secretary for National Community Relations and Development. “We cannot thank Westlake Hardware enough for coming alongside us on this incredible partnership fan drive.”

Donations to the fan drive can be made at any Westlake Ace store, or if customers prefer to donate online, they may do so at All donations, both in-store and online, stay in the local community.

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