Fares down at Eisenhower National

Steve McIntosh
April 18, 2019 - 5:39 am

Airfares at Wichita Eisenhower National Airport dropped 4 percent in fourth quarter 2018 compared to fourth quarter 2017, while the national average fare increased 1 percent. That's according to a report from Valerie Wise, Air Service & Marketing Manager.

Wichita’s average fare was $390.16, compared to $407.76 in Q4 2017 and $606.82 in fourth quarter 2000. (fares are adjusted for inflation)

The most dramatic change in fourth quarter 2018 was due to Frontier Airlines and its impact on fares and passengers to Denver.  Passenger traffic increased 137 percent while the average one-way fare fell 48 percent.  In fourth quarter 2017, the average one-way fare on United to Denver was $242; in fourth quarter 2018, Frontier’s average fare was $30. 

Frontier is an ultra-low-cost carrier, charging very low fares and high ancillary fees, but making it affordable for travelers.  Passenger counts increased 48 percent, from 40 to 96 passengers per day.

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