Fireworks Complaint Phone-Line Calls Up 7% in Wichita This Year

Ted Woodward
July 05, 2017 - 3:21 pm



Emergency dispatchers in Sedgwick County answered a special fireworks complaints phone number on the first four nights of July, deflecting the burden for emergency calls to 911.

Acting Wichita fire marshal Stuart Bevis says the number of complaints went up more than 7% this year. The fireworks complaints totalled 770 last year, and there were 826 this year.

There were an average of more than 200 calls per night to the fireworks complaints phone-line.

Bevis says it's a good thing the fireworks complaints phone-line was there, because call volumes to 911 during the July 4th holiday weekend were up about 33% -- it was an especially busy weekend for emergency responders.

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