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Former Congressional candidate Thompson announces he has cancer

June 09, 2019 - 5:19 pm

In a Facebook post Sunday afternoon, Wichita-area lawyer and former candidate for Congress, James Thompson, revealed he has cancer. 

In the post, Thompson says the rare cancer is called carcinoid tumor with accompanying carcinoid syndrome. He says the cancer has metastasized into multiple lesions and tumors on his liver, meaning it's in the later stages.

The disease has led Thompson to experience extreme fatigue, fuzzy headedness, dizziness and other symptoms.

He says he plans to continue his role as the 4th Congressional District Democratic Chair, practice law, and attend events as his health allows and encouraged his followers to continue fighting for Kansas by making calls, knocking on doors and getting involved in campaigns.

He says "I fought for my country, I fought for you, and you can sure as hell bet I will fight to live." 

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