Former Kansas priest's medical licenses become inactive in two states

March 19, 2019 - 6:43 pm

Records show a former Kansas City priest no longer has valid licenses to practice medicine in Kansas and Missouri after being defrocked last year following an investigation into multiple allegations of child sexual abuse.

John Wisner's medical licenses to practice as a psychiatrist remained active for months after the Archdiocese of Kansas City removed him from the clergy over credible allegations that he abused three minors decades ago.

Kansas registration records now list Wisner's license as inactive, while Missouri's professional registration agency says Wisner's license has lapsed because it wasn't renewed.

Kansas State Board of Healing Arts official Kathleen Selzler Lippert declined to say whether Wisner's license had been revoked. The board's website doesn't show disciplinary records involving Wisner.

The Missouri agency's spokeswoman, Lori Croy, says Wisner's license wasn't revoked.

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