Former students confess to high school prank after 50 years

Made a hole in a school roof

July 03, 2018 - 8:07 pm

A group of Kansas pranksters are finally coming clean right before the 50-year anniversary of a high school finding a mysterious hole through its roof.

The Kansas City Star reports that Richard Klocke, 65, and his friends fired a small cannon full of gunpowder near Clay Center Community High School for the Fourth of July in 1968.

Authorities reported that mysterious metal scraps had gouged the school roof and caused a water leak, but they never figured out where the scraps came from. The pranksters stayed quiet about the incident until now to avoid getting in trouble.

Klocke says he wants to take responsibility because "it's never officially been told as to what happened at that event." Klocke now works as an artist and exhibition designer in Lawrence.

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