Fourth of July Non-Emergency Line Results for Wichita

Extra call takers were on hand

July 05, 2018 - 10:57 am

In order to prevent an influx of nuisance calls that could block emergency calls from reaching a call taker, Sedgwick County Emergency Communications activated a non-emergency line during the Fourth of July holiday. Extra call takers were on hand for the emergency and non-emergency lines. Emergency Communications typically averages 2,000 calls a day to 911; the non-emergency number received 1,437 calls over the five day period. The following number of calls came in to the agency over the holiday:

Nuisance complaints to the non-emergency line:

June 30 – 122 calls

July 1 – 122 calls

July 2 – 88 calls

July 3 – 251 calls

July 4 – 708 calls

July 5 – 146 calls

911 calls:

Since July 1, Emergency Communications received more than 10,500 calls. The agency received 2,925 calls on July 4 alone.

Elora Forshee, Emergency Communications director, commended the agency, “The team at Emergency Communications is committed to providing quality public service and they demonstrated that during this very busy holiday period. I am proud of these professionals and admire their dedication to keep our community safe. The non-emergency line was busier than ever this year and I am thankful our community is using this resource to help keep 911 lines available for life-threatening emergencies.”

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