Gas prices in Kansas 12th lowest in the nation

September 06, 2018 - 5:26 am

One expert says gas prices are still holding their own in Kansas. Jennifer Haugh with AAA Kansas says the state's average on Monday was $2.66 a gallon. 

“That’s still about 17 cents lower than the national average," said Haugh.  "We’re at number 12 now for the lowest price in the nation.”

Haugh says the weather could change the price at the pump quickly.

“There might be some adjustment in pricing,” said Haugh. “We saw that a little bit last year with (hurricane) Harvey. The prices kind of went up a little bit because they were preparing for some down time with that. Right now, the two big things that are probably going to have an impact on supply is the Iranian sanctions and some of these storms.”

Haugh says if we can dodge the negative impacts of both of those supply effects, there is a chance prices could go down.

“It should happen sometime this month,” said Haugh. “We will see a little bit of a drop due to the switchover to winter blend, which is less costly. Along with that, demand tends to go down, because kids are back in school, people are getting back into those routines and not doing as much traveling.”

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