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Governor Kelly's Alzheimer's disease Task Force grows by 13

July 20, 2019 - 7:22 pm

Governor Laura Kelly named 13 people to the state’s Alzheimer’s Disease Task Force on Friday.

The group is tasked with developing a strategy for the state to respond to the public health concern by 2020.

As people age, the thought of Alzheimer's can be in the back of their minds. For example, people who can't find their car keys or forgets someone's name begins to think about whether or not they might have some form of dementia.

The Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging helps get services to older adults in the Topeka area, where Executive director Susan Harris said the disease is brought up often. People want to know what to expect with the disease and what services are out there for people who develop Alzheimer's.

Harris says that she is happy that Governor Kelly is focusing on the disease, because it takes many community resources to help sustain people with dementias such as Alzheimer's.

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