Heated city council meeting leaves residents frustrated

August 09, 2017 - 12:52 am

 A very heated Monday night city council meeting leaves some residents with more questions than

Overall, the residents of Great Bend are frustrated this morning. A dramatic Monday night city council meeting attended by
more than 100 people left many in the town with more questions than answers with regard to suspended chief Cliff Couch.

Community members were calling for action at the meeting, weeks after Chief Couch was suspended, accused of not
following procedures when he accused city administrator Howard  Partington and Mayor Mike Allison of misconduct.

The council members were divided four to four on whether or not to uphold Couch's suspension. The mayor broke the tie, with
a vote to uphold the suspension.

Many residents believe that the whole debacle has given the town of Great Bend a black eye. They feel that whenever
someone stands up for what they believe in the Mayor and the City Administator, quote, "try to hurry up and get rid of them it it
is something they don't agree with."

Neither the city administrator nor the mayor were available for comment.

The city council did say they would discuss an investigation at the next city council meeting.

Chief Couch says he is focused on preparing for the upcoming hearing and hopes to be reinstated.

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