Heavy rains flood many roads in Reno County

September 08, 2018 - 10:32 pm

Some places in Reno County have flooded due to heavy rainfall over the past week. The Reno County Sheriff's Office issued a warning on Saturday afternoon for drivers to avoid several roads due to high water. Here is a list of the roads drivers should avoid:

Deputies said the following roads are closed:

• Sallee Road between 82nd and 95th
• Sallee Road between 95th to 108th
• Wilson between 69th and 82nd
• 43rd Street between Hendrix and Pennington
• 43rd and Pennington low water Bridge
• 69th between Wilson and Pennington

The water has been building over the past few days, leaving folks to wonder if there is an end in sight.

Jessie Woods who lives in Reno County says the street to her house is one of many that are closed due to high water.

She says that the flooding hasn’t been too much of an inconvenience to her because she’s seen it before

She thinks the rain helps more than it hurts, especially when it comes to Kansas crops, and feels it's important not to complain, because "we pray for rain."


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