High levels of chloride in Topeka water not dangerous

The source of the chloride hasn't been determined

June 15, 2018 - 5:17 am

Topeka city officials say high levels of chloride in the city's water supply pose no danger to residents.

The city announced Thursday that its treatment plant recorded higher than normal levels of chloride in the Kansas River. The chloride is coming from the Smokey Hill River, which feeds into the Kansas River. The source of the chloride hasn't been determined.

The chloride readings mean the salt levels in the water are high.

City officials say the Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed the water is within its safe drinking water regulations.

There is no maximum contaminant levels for chloride for primary drinking water. A secondary standard maximum of 250 milligrams per liter is only a guideline.

The chloride level in the Kansas River on Thursday was 286 mg/L. The city recorded a reading of 316 mg/L Tuesday.

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