High winds causing problems across Kansas

March 13, 2019 - 11:41 pm

High winds have been creating problems for many in Kansas, as a low pressure system moves across the state.

On Wednesday, wind gusts of around 60 mph caused a semi to overturn on US 400 near the Butler / Greenwood County line. The driver was bumped and bruised and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Another driver had to take to the ditch as the truck spun on its side. 

In western Kansas, another semi was blown over by high winds on Highway 50 just west of Kinsley.

In south Wichita, in the 1900 block of Stafford Court, a tree fell on a man, possibly breaking his leg in the process.

In Goddard a woman was hit by a trash bin.  She was taken to the hospital with a possible broken jaw.

In Reno County power poles were found to be leaning due to the strong winds.

And in Derby, the winds toppled a dinosaur exhibit.  KSN News reports that the 3,000 lbs. Stegosaurus wasn't damaged, and park officials plan to reposition him, facing into the prevailing winds.

The National Weather Service in Dodge City reported that they had recorded the lowest atmospheric pressure in over 100 years Wednesday afternoon.

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