House Passes Bill To Fix School Funding Law

Governor Colyer Commends House Over Funding Fix

April 28, 2018 - 6:53 pm

The Kansas House has approved a bill that fixes a flaw in a recently enacted education funding law that would cost public schools $80 million.

The vote Saturday was 92-27. It goes next to the Senate, where a debate is expected next week.

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer says he hopes to sign a bill next week to fix a flaw in a recently enacted education funding law.

Colyer issued a statement  after the House approved the measure on a 92-27 vote.

The House's vote sends the measure to the Senate, and senators are expected to debate the legislation next week.

The law was designed to phase in a $534 million increase in spending on public schools over five years in hopes of meeting a Kansas Supreme Court mandate to boost education funding.

The flaw inadvertently lowered the total increase by $80 million.

Colyer said the new law gets more dollars into classrooms and requires schools to improve student performance. 

He also said the state can afford the extra spending without raising taxes.

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