How to Beat the Cold at the Chiefs Game

January 18, 2019 - 2:36 pm

This weekend’s AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium promises to be extremely cold for Chiefs fans and dangerous to people ill-prepared for winter weather. Spectators could experience significant cold injuries due to inadequate layering with prolonged exposure to the forecasted temperatures. That's according to the doctors at The University of Kansas Health System.

Dr. Richard Korentager, a plastic surgeon and burn and wound care specialist, says it doesn’t take long for exposed skin to become frostbitten. He talks about the warning signs and what to do if you think you’re suffering frostbite. He also explains why staying hydrated is so important…and not necessarily with alcohol.

Rick Blevins, an emergency department nurse at The University of Kansas Health System who oversees the hospital’s seven first aid stations at Arrowhead. He says to dress safe and warm, remember the acronym COLD. 

• Clean (clean clothes avoid dirt or moisture that could allow the wind and cold to penetrate)

• Overheat (layered clothing with zippers allows you to ventilate to avoid sweating)

• Layer (wool or synthetic layers provide optimum warmth -- avoid cotton)

• Dry (select clothes that will help you stay dry)

The video shows various examples of clothing to help stay warm while cheering for the Chiefs.

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