How do officers respond to the deaths of children?

August 12, 2017 - 12:44 am

The jobs of police officers, fire fighters and first responders are never easy, and when a child dies, the job becomes a lot harder. Within the last weekend, there have been two separate incidents in which
a child has died.

 "A first responder is going to see more trauma in one day than an average person will see in a lifetime," says Major Darren Ivey with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Ivey has brought his "Surviving
Secondary Trauma" training to Wichita twice before and will bring it once again soon.

Major Ivey's main goal with officers is to get them to talk. Before departments started dealing with the stresses that come with the job, alcoholism, divorce rates, and suicides were high. He says that people need to
understand that when officers put their uniforms, they are still human beigns. And being human, he adds, makes a good officer.

While officers do receive stress training when they join the force, Ivey says this additional training just complements what they've already learned.

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