Hutchinson school placed briefly on lockdown

November 09, 2018 - 4:45 am

An elementary school in Hutchinson U.S.D. 308 was briefly placed on lockdown Thursday.  In a post on their Facebook page the district said that shortly before the final bell rang Thursday Reno County dispatchers contacted the school and informed them about a report of possible suspicious individuals near Graber Elementary.  Staff at Graber immediately initiated a lockdown as Hutchinson Police officers responded to the call. 

Upon arrival officers found two teenagers wearing Halloween costumes filming a YouTube video.  The teens also had a short length of PVC pipe that from a distance could have looked like a knife or some kind of weapon.  The all clear was given and the lockdown was lifted, only delaying the release of students by 10 minutes. 

In their post U.S.D. 308 officials said they were grateful for their neighbors who are watching out for the safety of their students.

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