Influenza Outbreak in Kansas

January 27, 2017 - 8:54 am
TOPEKA, Kan. - Five outbreaks of influenza have been identified so far this season in Kansas. And Susan Mosier, MD, MBA, FACS,KDHE Secretary and Health officer says now would be a good time to get vaccinated.

Mosier says this season's vaccine appears to be a good match for the current viruses.

Vaccination is recommended for everyone over the age of six months, especially for anyone who have medical conditions that could be complicated by the flu, or is caring for children under six months of age. Those children are too young to be vaccinated and more vulnerable to complications of influenza.

Flu symptoms include fever, dry cough, extreme tiredness and muscle aches.

Complications can include pneumonia. ear and sinus infections and dehydration. Influenza may also worsen other chronic conditions.

Influenza or pneumonia was responsible, either directly or indirectly, for 903 deaths in the state last season, and was eighth among leading causes of death in 2015.

For information on receiving vaccination, consult your physician, or visit the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's website at
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