Investigation of Wichita's mayor has concluded, no charges filed

October 17, 2019 - 10:35 pm

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett has ended his investigation into complaints about Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell.

The investigation began after Bennett received e-mails over concerns that the mayor inaccurately filed substantial interest forms that are required by state law.  Golf outings the mayor had with business leaders were at the center of the complaint.

In a news release the district attorney says the allegations claim a company paid thousands of dollars for Longwell to play in several local golf tournaments from 2017-2019 but the mayor didn't file a ''substantial interest'' form as required.  

Kansas law states that a local office holder needs to file a Substantial Interest form when "goods or services" valued at $500 or more are received from a business or combination of businesses within the previous year. 

Based on the evidence collected, the district attorney says Longwell received $521.33 in "goods or services" in 2016, which would be $21.33 over the limit. 

The district attorney says the mayor didn't believe the golf outings were required to be filed.
Bennett says it does, but instead of charging Longwell with a misdemeanor, the district attorney is asking him to file a correction to his 2017 form.

Bennett says Longwell fully cooperated with the investigation.

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