The IRS is warning taxpayers about recent scams

June 12, 2019 - 5:25 am

The Internal Revenue Service is reminding taxpayers to be vigilant, even at the mailbox.  Michael Devine with the IRS says they are currently sending out letters.

"Right now, the IRS has started sending out letters," said Devine.  "We call them notices to taxpayers that they didn’t pay all their taxes last year when they filed their return.”

Devine says it's important to remember that these messages will come in the actual postal mail and not on the phone or via email.  

“They start targeting taxpayers who don’t owe anything,” said Devine. “They try to trick them into thinking that they do owe the IRS and that they need to pay immediately or they’re going to be arrested or something else terrible is going to happen to them."

Devine says if a notice looks like it might be legitimate, even if know you paid what you owe, or if you think you did, you can easily verify your status.

“If you don’t think that it’s really true, then you call the IRS at the number we’ve always had, our toll-free number (800) 829-1040 and ask if that’s really a notice,” said Devine. “Go back to your tax professional and say, hey, I got this notice in the mail. I thought I didn’t owe anything and now it says that I owe and they’re going to arrest me if I don’t pay immediately.”

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