Jeff Bezos unveils lunar lander with plans to colonize space

May 10, 2019 - 11:58 am

Get ready to have your Amazon Prime order delivered to the moon.

Okay, while that may be a ways away, Jeff Bezos did reveal his plans for space colonization on Thursday.

The Amazon founder announced the design of his space company Blue Origins’ new lunar lander called Blue Moon.

“This is an incredible vehicle, and it’s going to the moon,” Bezos said at a private event in Washington, DC, according to CNN.

While the giant lander was created to send various types of robotic payloads to the moon's surface, the eventual goal is to establish a “sustained human presence” on the moon.

Bezos also disclosed that they have already lined up six customers for Blue Moon, mostly academic institutions.

The billionaire’s space company has been working on the model, which weighs several tons, for three years. 

Bezos believes they are on track to reach NASA’s goal of having astronauts back on the moon by 2024.

But a lot still has to be done before having humans living in elaborate space colonies can become a reality.

“The price of admission to do interesting things in space right now is just too high because there’s no infrastructure,” Bezos added.

For now, free shipping to the moon will have to wait.

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