Judge delays sentencing for Russian mom who took kids from Kansas

May 09, 2019 - 9:51 am

A judge has delayed until next month the sentencing of a Russian citizen convicted of taking her children from the U.S. to Russia amid a divorce.

Bogdana Alexandrovna Osipova was convicted of one count of international parental kidnapping and two counts of attempting to extort money. Court documents refer to her by her married name of Mobley.

The scheduled Monday sentencing has now been delayed until June 6.

Her attorneys sought the delay in part to present mitigating evidence obtained from people in Russia.

Prosecutors say she left Kansas in 2014 with one child from her first marriage and another child from a second marriage to Brian Mobley. She gave birth to a third child soon after returning to Russia. The children are thought to still be in Russia.

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