Kansas AG youth suicide task force is looking at a Colorado app

August 03, 2018 - 5:13 am

One of the tasks that Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has asked his Youth Suicide Task Force to take on is looking into creating an app teens can use when they are in crisis. Colorado has an app called Safe2Tell Schmidt would like them to look at as a model.

"That's how they communicate," said Schmidt.  "Why on earth would we think that a child or young person in a moment of crisis, whether its a suicide or a shooting or whatever it may be, is going to pick up a phone and call somebody.  That is unlikely."

The Colorado app guarantees anonymity. There is no caller ID and names are not asked. 

"They've partnered with their university system to provide back end engagement, so you get a councilor on the line as opposed to a law enforcement person," said Schmidt.

The finding on what Kansas could do will be part of a report due to the AG's office at the end of the task force's work.

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