Kansas benefiting from collection of online sales tax

November 25, 2020 - 5:50 am
Kansas benefiting from collection of online sales tax

The coronavirus caused tax collections in Kansas to fall, but those numbers would have tumbled more dramatically if the state hadn’t begun taxing more online sales. Revenue Secretary Mark Burghart told a group studying state taxes that Kansas has collected $75 million more in online taxes in the last year. 

Burghart says that’s partly because a U.S. Supreme Court ruling let states collect sales taxes from more online retailers.  “But also just the changing purchasing patterns of consumers. A lot are switching to online purchases.”  

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Online shopping has increased even quicker during the pandemic. A council created by Governor Laura Kelly has proposed beefing up state sales tax collections to include more online purchases, like digital books and streaming movies. The goal is leveling the playing field between online sellers and stores based in Kansas.

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