Kansas dog credited with saving backyard chickens

Dog cornered a hawk without injuring it

July 30, 2018 - 9:52 pm

A Kansas dog is credited for batting a young hawk out of the air to save his owner's chickens.

Taylor and Kailey Petrehn were having dinner Sunday evening in their Lawrence home when their dog, Cooper, saw the hawk swooping in for some dinner of its own.

The raptor had apparently been eyeing the 13 chickens all day and was ready when the hawk finally made its move.

Cooper smacked the hawk down and cornered it without injuring it.

Taylor Petrehn says he grabbed the bird right away. It was scared and dazed. He says he released it into a neighbor's yard and the hawk flew away.

Cooper is a 110 lbs. Anatolian Shepherd-Great Pyrenees mix whose owner says "gets along with chickens really well."

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