Kansas Governor says Kobach should personally pay for contempt fine

The case is being appealed

August 02, 2018 - 9:01 pm

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer says Secretary of State Kris Kobach should pay out of his own pocket the more than $26,000 in sanctions imposed by a federal judge for his "contemptuous behavior" in a voting rights case.

Kobach said Thursday that it is his office, not him personally, who is the defendant in a federal lawsuit that struck down the state's proof-of-citizenship registration law. The case is being appealed.

The contempt ruling against Kobach comes just days before Republicans will vote in the state's primary election for governor. Kobach is seeking to unseat Colyer for his party's nomination.

Colyer said in a statement that it is outrageous for a politician who spends so much time talking about cutting government spending to use taxpayer dollars to pay the fines.

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