Kansas Sen. Moran on removing Trump

December 13, 2019 - 8:25 pm

Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, (R-Kansas), was asked if he decided how he would vote on removing President Donald Trump from office. 

Moran was asked while attending an event Friday in Topeka whether he had decided how he would vote on removing Trump from office. He said “No."

The House Judiciary Committee has approved two impeachment articles over Trump's effort to get Ukraine to look into potential improprieties from Democrat political rival and former Vice President Joe Biden and Biden's son, Hunter. 

Moran said he's hoping for a short Senate trial of “a couple of” weeks.

Following statement from U.S. Senator Jerry Moran:

“I do not support the articles of impeachment advanced by the House Judiciary Committee. Democrats have been trying to overturn the results of President Trump’s election and delegitimize his presidency for three years. The impeachment hearings led by House Democrats have been purely partisan and the entire process has been flawed. Should these articles of impeachment be sent from the House, President Trump will finally have a fair trial in the Senate.

“Under the Constitution, the role of a Senator is to act as a juror. Therefore, unless and until the House impeaches President Trump, and the Senate has concluded its review of the impeachment charges, it is inappropriate for me to say how I would vote. But I’ve seen no evidence that President Trump should be removed from office.”

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